Knowledge Society and Education in the Asia-Pacific


Recent Trends and Future Challenges

This book explores recent trends in the knowledge-based society and education field in Asia-Pacific and discusses future challenges in the region. It presents studies on the development of scientific thought in the field on the knowledge-based society in the Pacific Circle. This book explores the theoretical framework of the knowledge-based society framed by the borders imposed by the Pacific Ocean, particularly from the perspective of the Pacific Circle Consortium (PCC), in the face of a paradigm shift to satisfy the human needs that must be preserved to guarantee economic and human conditions that future development requires. It analyzes how education relates to the knowledge society in the Asia Pacific region, and considers global issues such as environmental degradation, climate change, pollution, soil erosion, growth of the population. It discusses how these issues concerns parents, educators, civil societies and governments of the countries around the Pacific Circle. This book explores the necessity of changing the current transformative paradigm to one that ensures environmental sustainability, with the support of scientific education and research, as an issue that must be integrated into the curricula in schools at all educational levels. 


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